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New innovations are appearing faster than ever: it’s more important than ever to meet new leads and prospects all year round. Build and maintain your community by meeting issues head-on, on a regular basis, while helping reduce our shared carbon footprint.


Every month, host a different Online Meeting Event with a mix of target themes, content (Conferences, challenges, round tables, private workshops, etc.) and formats, with One-to-One and One-to-Many meetings (B2B business meetings, Job Dating, technology sessions and R&D collaboration hook-ups, B2C meetings, AGMs, training or corporate events, etc.)

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A double boost for your treasury

Online Meeting Events are the ideal way to reach and retain a much wider base, attracting leads who would never usually travel to an event. Counter-intuitively, this is what will build your community and encourage future participants to meet face to face. They are also much cheaper to organize (no travel, food or accommodation costs, logistics or AV expenses) With so much to gain, you can afford to think bigger and be more audacious. The risks involved in creating new events and broaching new themes are so much lower when events are fully Online, so you have much more freedom to experiment and play around. The seeds of your future face-to-face events will be planted here.

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valuable time

Our “ready-to-go” pack includes your promotional Website, the all-in-one platform, a marketing plan, PR, multilingual business resources and a support hotline for your participants.

This frees up your time to focus on what you can do to add and generate value with your community. In just 48 hours, your event will be up, running and ready to go.

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In 2012, we created the world’s first Hybrid and Online B2B and B2C event formats.

Thanks to our strong, durable and ultra-secure technology, we’ve generated hundreds of millions of webinars, challenges and One-to-One online meetings for organisations in more than 100 different countries, whatever their bandwidth.


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12 million
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10 million
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Our experience: A true measure of success

With many years’ experience in organizing One-to-One physical, hybrid and online events, we have all the skills necessary (marketing, business, technical and more) for your event, plus essential guidance and support for your community growth and management strategy. As leader in One-to-One events, we have the experience and business logic required to support you. Indeed, you’ll benefit from the lowest no-show level on the market, and the highest quality satisfaction level in existence.
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