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The 365 platform is a version of Vimeet which is specially adapted to year-round community management. It is powered by online, hybrid or face-to-face events, training sessions and simple webinars, which allow you to constantly target and re-target your audience. All this and more, in a unique, adaptable user space.

Energize and Connect with Your Community

Bringing your clients together on a community platform allows you to offer a wide range of adapted services throughout the year. This is the best way of energizing your community around your ecosystem. You know that innovation cycles are shortening and increasing the need for One-to-One meetings and targeted content, so it is now more important than ever to provide a high-quality response between events.

More than just refocusing your targeted community with video-conferences throughout the year, you can power your community by introducing new members. Organize constant webinars, themed online One-to-One meetings using a single 365 platform, and use it gather your community physically , at least once a year. This is essential to keep your community coherent and cohesive.

A Fully Scalable Business Model,
where the Sky’s the Limit

The white-label 365 community platform is run using a credit system: Your clients can buy credits and spend them when they want to: for example buying into a targeted meeting (1 credit), taking part in an online meeting event to reach people outside the community (for example: 5 credits), participating in sponsor-hosted webinars, accessing targeted pay-to-play training sessions or taking part in physical events (their credits will be debited depending on the stands and other options selected on the platform).
Your community platform will ensure that this growth is reflected in your existing-product turnover, offering a gross margin rate three times higher than a typical face-to-face event.
Of course, you can also configure certain community management events to be free, such as webinars - especially if your conferences or training sessions have already been sponsored!
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Join the Network

Quickly generate your online community events and meetings without spending valuable man-hours! You can use an inter-organizer matchmaking service to organize a limited joint cross-community event over one or two days, consisting of inter-community One-to-One video conferences.

We’ll then temporarily open the seal between the two organizers on the 365 platform, and close it again after. However, each organizer will only see the members of their own community, thereby maintaining full data confidentiality for each party.

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Leadership Experience

Thanks to our long-standing position as leaders in targeted lead generation and online community management, we can support you every step of the way.

From sharing your daily feedback to analyzing and verifying your platform’s KPI, we can even offer an express service if you need it.
We’ll share all of our experience and expertise, ensuring that your platform is alive and active, providing a firm net benefit for your corporate, institutional or event image.
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